Aviation Fuel Services


Fuel Program

We have a fuel program that’s right for you! Here are our two most popular ones.

Prepaid Fuel Program:

This program offers the lowest fuel prices because you prepay for all fuel. Services, including catering can also be charged to your account. You pay a deposit into an account we set up for you. Then your fuel and services are automatically charged against your account. It’s simple and saves you money!

Volume Discount Fuel Programs:

You pay at the time of each purchase and we base your fuel charge on total number of gallons purchased. The more you buy, the greater the discount. You save money, plus you have the benefit of no deposits!

Please see Section II. Aviation Fuel – Fuel Program Summary for complete information on all of our programs.  Click here for current rates and charges

Fuel Quality

We perform daily Quality Control checks so you don’t have to!  We do this to maintain the highest quality of standards in the business. We are committed to providing the best possible product to our customers. The Naples Airport Authority has teamed up with AVFUEL and have become one of their top fuel dealers. All of the Jet A product is pre-blended at the terminal to maintain the highest possible quality.

Our staff is dedicated to testing, spot-checking, quality control and maintaining the highest standard above and beyond the ATA 103 fuel standards.