Metroplex: the FAA’s Initiative to Improve Traffic Flow in Complex Airspace

According to the FAA, “A key NextGen goal is to safely improve the overall efficiency of the National Airspace System (NAS) by increasing efficiencies in metroplexes —metropolitan areas with multiple airports and complex air traffic flows. The FAA’s goal is to enhance the way aircraft navigate this complex airspace to improve airport access and make flight routes more efficient.”

FAA Regional Administrator Dennis Roberts gave a presentation on the Metroplex Project at a workshop meeting of the Noise Compatibility Committee held a special workshop meeting on October 4, 2016. You can view the workshop meeting here.

The Naples Airport Authority has submitted a letter to the FAA to follow-up in regards to requested additional information and community engagement from the FAA. Download the Jan. 2, 2018 letter here. Download the April 26, 2017 letter here.

The FAA released the draft designs for the Naples Airport in late February 2017 as a series of latitudes and longitudes. With the technical assistance of a consultant, graphics for each design were created and presented to the Naples Airport Authority Board of Commissioners and the Noise Compatibility Committee at a Joint Special Meeting on March 16, 2017. You can view the meeting on the City of Naples website here. Download the presentation here.

Following the meeting, the NAA requested additional information from the FAA. Download the letter here.

Where to get more information on FAA’s Metroplex and NextGen projects:

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