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In 1969, the Florida State Legislature created the City of Naples Airport Authority as an independent governmental unit charged with the operation, development and improvement of the Naples Municipal Airport. The Authority was created at the behest of the Naples City Council, which appoints community volunteers to serve four-year terms.

The Authority has no taxing powers with which to raise revenues. All funds used for its operation, maintenance and improvements come from activities on the airport or from grants awarded by federal and state agencies. Since the Authority's formation, the Naples Municipal Airport has operated in the "black", making it a model for efficient government fiscal management and accountability.

The Authority's primary goal is to ensure that it fulfills its objectives on an ongoing basis and operates in a safe and efficient manner.

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Facts And Statistics

  • Operator-City of Naples Airport Authority, Naples, Florida.
  • Executive Director, Christopher Rozansky - click here for profile
  • Financing-No general taxpayer funds; generates own revenues and receives Federal Aviation Administration and Florida Department of Transportation Grant Funding.
  • Location-Approximately 2 miles northeast of Old Naples.
  • Employees-Approx. 70 Airport Authority, 300 other businesses and tenants at Naples Municipal Airport.
  • Commercial Landing Fee-$1.25 per 1,000 pounds of maximum gross landing weight.
  • Size-732 acres.
  • Runways-Two.
  • Auto Parking Spaces at Commercial Airline Terminal-200 Long Term, 240 Short Term, 100 Employee.
  • Auto Parking Fee-FREE.
  • Aviation Fuel Storage capacity-110,000 gallons (Jet-A), 42,000 gallons (100LL).


City of Naples Airport Authority
160 Aviation Drive North
Naples, FL 34104
Phone (239) 643-0733
Fax (239) 643-4084
Naples Municipal Airport - The Best Little Airport in the Country
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