Noise Abatement for Pilots

Noise Abatement Comment Form
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Noise Comment Hotline 239-643-1879

Noise Abatement Information Line 239-213-7979


Aircraft Operations & Noise Abatement Procedures


Recommended Operating Procedures:

Airport Noise Control Measures in Effect

  • Ban on Stage 1 and Stage 2 jet aircraft, which are the noisiest classifications of jet aircraft.
  • Voluntary restraint from flying from 10 PM to 7 AM.
  • Preferential runway use during calm wind conditions. Use Runway 5 for departures and Runway 23 for landing (winds and air traffic permitting) to decrease aircraft noise over densely populated areas.
  • Flight tracks for approaching and departing aircraft to reduce the noise over heavily populated residential developments by redirecting flights over the city’s/county’s commercial areas.
  • Preferred helicopter routes for arriving and departing helicopters over major roadways, away from residential areas.
  • Departure turn headings which route northbound aircraft traffic over commercial areas and away from residential areas.
  • Engine Maintenance Run-ups prohibited from 10 PM until 7 AM. Daytime run-ups are restricted to the center of the airport to reduce noise in the residential areas closest to the airport.
  • Noise Abatement Hotline to report excessive airport noise. Residents are encouraged to call 239-643-1879 or use the Noise Comment Form to report aircraft noise.
  • Pilot Information published in pilot magazines, manuals and charts.
  • Pilot/Aircraft Owner Education Program is built upon a collaborative effort with pilots and aviation businesses that use the airport. Airport staff and Noise Committee members meet regularly with various groups to discuss the effectiveness of the noise measures. Letters are mailed monthly to all operators flying during the voluntary curfew, reiterating the importance of flying as quietly as possible and observing the curfew.
  • Public Information Program to inform residents of key noise initiatives at the airport and to discuss in an open forum ways to reduce the impact of airport noise. The Noise Committee holds regular meetings, which are open to the public. Meeting notices are published on our website and officially posted in the General Aviation Terminal.

For more information on Noise Abatement at the Naples Airport, please contact Diane Terrill, Director of Strategy and Communications, at 239-643-0733 or email dterrill@flynaples.com.