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The Naples Airport Authority strongly discourages users from operating at the airport during the
Voluntary Nighttime Curfew
10:00 PM to 7:00 AM

A list of aircraft operations occurring at the Naples Municipal Airport during the Voluntary Nighttime Curfew for 90 days are available below.



If you're interested in finding out about planes that you've seen or heard flying in or out of Naples (airport code is APF), you can go to Flightaware.com, a website that shows real-time flight tracks and aircraft information for the entire country, as well as archives of that data going back three months! It's a great resource for all sorts of interesting information for the enthusiast, students and concerned citizens!
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City of Naples Airport Authority
160 Aviation Drive North
Naples, FL 34104
Phone (239) 643-0733
Fax (239) 643-4084
Naples Municipal Airport - The Best Little Airport in the Country
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