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pondlocations-smallTwo existing stormwater management ponds will be modified to become more efficient in the treatment of water quality by using underwater baffles constructed with rock-filled baskets, called Gabions.

whichponds-smallThese ponds are located on airport property along the west side of Airport Pulling Road. See aerial graphic to the right with yellow arrows showing pond locations.

Both ponds collect stormwater runoff from the airport property and from offsite commercial and industrial properties east of the airport.

waterflow-smallA sample layout of the Gabion Walls for the southerly pond is shown to the left. The final layout will be similar. The Gabion Walls will be installed under the water surface and each will be offset from the other to create a long travel path of the stormwater runoff.  This travel distance along with the submerged rock-filled baskets (Gabions) will improve water quality.

In addition, water samples will be collected from these ponds and other locations throughout the water management system for quality monitoring before, during and after construction.

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