Rates and Charges

Naples Airport general aviation terminal

Download a complete list of current rates and charges with up-to-date information about:

  • Aviation Fuel and Fuel Programs
  • Hangar, Tiedown and Ramp Fees
  • Buildings
  • Land
  • Line Services: Towing; Lavatory Cart; Ground Power and Air Conditioner Units; Baggage Belt Loaders; Telehandler; Scissor Lift; Articulating Boom Lift; Potable Water; Dishwashing; and Laundering
  • Concession Fees: Rental cars; Vending; Catering; Aircraft Detailing; Advertising
  • Commercial Air Transportation: Landing Fees; Joint Use in Common Fee; Passenger Facility Charge (PFCs); and Air Service Incentive Program
  • Rental Car Facilities
  • Other: Faxes and Copies; Tenant and Construction Badges; Keys; Escort Fee; Fuel Spill Cleanup Fee; Public Information Requests; Reimbursement of Legal Fees; Recovery Fees; U.S. Customs User Fees; and Special Events.