US Customs & Border Protection

Naples Airport Authority User Fees
Single Engine $50.00 per clearing
Twin Engine $100.00 per clearing
Turbo-Prop (SE or TE) $150.00 per clearing
Jet – Small (Under 42′) $200.00 per clearing
Jet – Medium (42′ – 57′ wing) $300.00 per clearing
Jet – Large (58′ – 64′ wing) $350.00 per clearing
Jet – XLarge (>64′ wing) $400.00 per clearing
After Hours / Overtime Fee $140.00 per hour ( 2 hour minimum)
International Garbage Fee $75.00 per aircraft
Towing $50.00 per service

Contact Information
2460 Tower Drive                Office: 239.430.9321
Naples, Florida 34104         Fax: 239.430.9320


Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., seven days a week. Flights are not allowed outside these hours. For the latest updates, visit For administrative matters (non-aircraft arrival/departure related), please call during our normal hours for an appointment. For after-hours appointments, please call 1.800.973.2867.

Overflight Exemption

Please contact the CBP office closest to where your aircraft is home based.

Overflight Permits: Please contact the CBP office where your aircraft is based. Effective 17 June 2013, CBP headquarters made some administrative changes to the overflight program.

  • A cover letter stating why the overflight is being required: What type of overflight is being requested, either a single exemption or a term exemption. Term exemptions are generally for someone who makes frequent trips and is valid up to two years, while a single term overflight is good for a specific trip.
  • Completion and submission of CBP Form 442 and 442A for all pilots and crewmembers. However, please contact your local CBP office prior to completing both forms. See the below fillable and printable links:
  • After completion of a cover letter and CBP Forms 442 and 442A, please mail or drop off originals to the CBP office closest to where the aircraft is home based during business hours. No copies, faxes or emails will be accepted.

Aircraft Arrival (Landing Rights) Requirements

  • A two (2) hour minimum notification of intent to arrive, and telephonic verbal confirmation of the arrival time is required. NOTE: Landing rights requests for outside of normal operational hours, or aircraft arriving between 1030-1230L the following day, should be coordinated during normal operating hours.
  • E-APIS (part 91) or APIS (part 135) submission – to include current and valid phone, fax and e-mail information. In addition, private (part 91) arrivals need to have their E-APIS confirmation number available when requesting landing rights.
  • For charter flights (part 135), a faxed copy of the CBP form 7507 General Declaration with the aircraft’s tail number, ETA, CBP bond number, and contact phone/fax numbers. [19 CFR 122.31]
  • If arriving from the 33rd parallel or south, a current and valid border overflight exemption is required, and will be confirmed as part of the landing rights request.
  • For the safety of CBP and airport personnel, all engines and auxiliary power units are requested to be shut down once the aircraft is “blocked” unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • All passengers and crew members, their travel documents and baggage, and the conveyance itself shall be made available for exam by CBP in accordance with 8 CFR, 14 CFR and 19 CFR.
  • Requests for medical accommodations, domesticated animal arrivals, or any other issues, should be coordinated and approved prior to take off from the last foreign place of departure.
  • The CBP processing and ramp areas are designated security zones. Unless prior arrangements have been made, the use of audio, video, photographic, cellular or tablet devices is prohibited until all passengers and crew in the party have been cleared by CBP; in accordance with 14 CFR, 19 CFR and 41 CFR.
  • If you need an I-94 Admission Number, go to

Aircraft Departure Requests

  • A minimum of one hour prior to departure, the filing of E-APIS (part 91) or APIS (part 135).
  • For part 135 aircraft, an approved CBP form 7507 (including the above mentioned inbound required information), with a departure stamp and/or a log number issued by CBP. NOTE: Part 135 requests for departures outside of normal operational hours, or aircraft departing 1030L – 1230L the following day, should be coordinated during normal operating hours.

For Naples area based aircraft, after the application is processed, you will be notified by phone and you can either pick up the overflight exemption during normal business hours or it can be mailed to you. Note: The overflight process can take up to 30 days to be completed.

Here are the links to the required overflight forms:

If anyone has any questions regarding landing rights requirements, outbound requirements, or overflight exemptions, they may contact CBP Naples during normal business hours.
To locate required forms ahead of time, a current list of restricted or prohibited items, acceptable travel documents and other information, please visit the CBP website.
  • Non-US citizens needing electronic I-94 or ESTA information may obtain that information at
  • Non-US citizens needing to adjust their immigration status may contact US Citizenship and Immigration Services at

This information was updated October 2018.